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ENSCO and KLD Labs Exhibit at Railway Interchange

Indianapolis, IN, October 1, 2023

ENSCO Rail (ENSCO) and KLD Labs will attend the Railway Interchange exhibition from Oct. 1-4 in Indianapolis, IN. Both ENSCO and KLD Labs will exhibit their innovations side by side, demonstrating their commitment to advancing cutting-edge solutions in track and vehicle inspection technologies.

OSU Researchers Work with ENSCO, Inc. to Develop Railroad Track Monitoring Methods

October 20, 2023 

Since 2019, Oklahoma State University has collaborated with ENSCO, Inc. and FRA on pioneering non-invasive railroad track monitoring methods. Their recent study at ENSCO’s Chambersburg facility focused on precise measurement of train-induced loads and tie support reactions using differential shear strain, avoiding invasive installation techniques.

Fortis Prototype Fabrication and Testing

April, 2023
by Przemyslaw Rakoczy, Senior Research Engineer, ENSCO, Inc., and
Matthew Dick, P.E., Chief of Strategy & Development, ENSCO, Inc.

ENSCO Announces First Annual TTC Conference and Tour

Pueblo, CO, March 15, 2023

This exciting event will bring government, industry, and academia together to discuss critical needs in railway safety, security and research that will move rail transportation forward for the next 50 years.

Advanced Track Geometry Condition Forecasting Using ML/AI

RT&S March 2023

Three different forecast models are evaluated for degree of accuracy.