High Tonnage Loop Accelerated Testing

The High Tonnage Loop (HTL) is a 4.3 km (2.7 mile) loop used to evaluate vehicle and track components under accelerated use. The HTL is a one-of-a-kind facility to generate high tonnage rapidly and in non-revenue environment, perfect for evaluating rolling stock, track components, and associated systems.

The High Tonnage Loop (HTL) at the TTC provides accelerated testing of rolling stock and track components.

Impact Testing at a Glance


  • Accelerated track component testing including rail, fasteners, sleepers, ballast, turnouts, and bridges
  • Accelerated vehicle component testing including whole wagons, trucks (bogies), and wheel sets.


TTC At A Glance

  • High Tonnage Loop
  • Rail Transit Track Loop
  • Transit Test Track
  • Wheel Rail Mechanism Loop
  • Tight Turn Loop
  • Precision Geometry Slab Track
  • Vertical Wall for Impact Testing
  • Underground Test Tunnel
  • Passenger-Rail Services Building
  • Transit Maintenance Building
  • Urban Rail Building
  • Wheel Trueing Machine
  • Drop Table
  • Cranes, Jacks, Floor Pits,
  • Overhead Wire and Third Rail with Adjustable Voltage
  • Office space, shop space, and tracks available for long term use to support  onsite testing
  • Provided services to support long term rail vehicle storage including rolling stock maintenance support and car movement services
  • Support staff to aid in rolling stock maintenance and testing
  • New locomotive, freight car, and passenger car testing (homologation)
  • Accelerated service testing of rolling stock and track components
  • Impact testing of railway vehicles including tank cars and passenger cars