Hands-On Training

ENSCO with its partners including Ambipar, is conducting industry leading hands-on training at the TTC.

The TTC provides the unique ability to have classroom training accompanied with hands-on training conducted all at the same location.

Multiple courses offered in each focus areas support variable sizes of classes.

Hands-On Training

Hands-On Training at a Glance

HAZMAT and Emergency Response Training

  • Simulated emergency response conditions including train derailment site and highway accident sites
  • Training with live fire conditions under the supervision of qualified instructors and safety personnel
  • Simulated HAZMAT response and handling
  • Hydrogen & Battery vehicle emergency response training

Cybersecurity Training

Courses provide industry best practices for protecting systems to ensure mission survivability and use an integrated approach to protecting critical facilities and systems

  • Critical Infrastructure Assessment and Analysis training including:
    • Telecommunications Vulnerabilities
    • Supporting Utilities Vulnerabilities
    • Computer Network Defense (CND)
    • Emergency Operations Vulnerabilities
    • Offensive, (targeting) and Defensive Security Systems

Derailment Investigation Training

  • Beginning-to-end on how to perform a successful derailment investigation and determine root cause
  • Methods for conducting onsite investigation and information gathering
  • Simulation methods to aid in determining root cause
  • Inclusive of human factors aspects of derailment investigations
  • Applicable to all derailment and collision types

Security Training

  • Transportation Security Management including passenger & infrastructure vulnerabilities, suicide & terrorism prevention
  • Transportation Security and Compliance Management including building safety management programs, certification processes, and regulation compliance
  • Public transit safety courses including active shooter, defusing conflict, threat and vulnerability assessment

Rolling Stock & Track Inspection

  • Hands-on training working with actual rail vehicles including performing truck teardowns and re-assembly.
  • Hands-on training with various types of track infrastructure including maintenance adjustments to turnouts.
  • Training includes interacting with automated inspection technology such as track geometry measurement systems

Rail Vehicle Dynamics Training

  • Vehicle/Track Interaction training to understand derailment and ride quality risk conditions driven by rail vehicle dynamics
  • Hands-on training working with actual rail vehicles and track infrastructure at the TTC
  • Simulation software training including VAMPIRE and TEDS
  • Methodologies for vehicle suspension qualification testing and modeling