Full-Scale Vehicle Testing Laboratory

The TTC is outfitted with one-of-a-kind lab rig equipment to evaluate full-sized rail vehicles and other large, heavy vehicles to their full extent.

Testing includes shock & vibration, structural stress testing, and crush load testing.

Lab Rig Testing At A Glance

Vibration Test Unit (VTU)

  • Whole body vibration testing of rail vehicles or other large vehicle types
  • 2 to 30Hz vibrations
  • Maximum Applied Load: 50 kips (222 kN)
  • Maximum Applied Displacement: 6in (152mm)


  • Structural vibration testing Identify flexible modes
  • Ride quality assessments
  • Vehicle component vibration testing


  • Full rail vehicle stress testing
  • 13 Hydraulic Actuators
  • Maximum Applied Load: 750 kips (3.34 MN)
  • Maximum Applied Displacement: 12in (305mm)


  • Structural stress and deflection testing
  • Structural fatigue testing
  • Life extension studies

Squeeze Test Fixture

  • Compression testing of whole rail vehicles
  • Max Load: 2,600 kips (11.6 MN)


  • Crush compliance testing
  • Structural stress testing
  • Corner post testing
  • Collision post testing

Mini-Shaker Unit (MSU)

  • Suspension vibration testing
  • 13 Hydraulic Actuators
  • Maximum Applied Load: 210 kips (934 kN)
  • Airbag assisted bearing table for yaw displacements


  • Assess truck (bogie) vertical, lateral, roll, yaw performance
  • Truck (Bogie) Yaw Resistance testing
  • Component testing