Component Failure Analysis And Materials Laboratory Testing

With partner with ESI Inc., ENSCO provides rail component failure analysis and laboratory testing. The ESI staff is a leader in railway industry component failure analysis, serving prominent railways including Union Pacific Railroad and CSX.

ESI Laboratory at a Glance


  • Large lab space, material handling and sample preparation capabilities to handle large components such as wheelsets and bogies Hydraulic presses for tensile and compression testing
  • Metallurgy evaluation equipment
  • Visual and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)


 Component performance deficiency identification

  • Railway component failure analysis
  • Sleeper laboratory testing
  • Industry standard component evaluation
  • Chemical composition testing


TTC At A Glance

  • High Tonnage Loop
  • Rail Transit Track Loop
  • Transit Test Track
  • Wheel Rail Mechanism Loop
  • Tight Turn Loop
  • Precision Geometry Slab Track
  • Vertical Wall for Impact Testing
  • Underground Test Tunnel
  • Passenger-Rail Services Building
  • Transit Maintenance Building
  • Urban Rail Building
  • Wheel Trueing Machine
  • Drop Table
  • Cranes, Jacks, Floor Pits,
  • Overhead Wire and Third Rail with Adjustable Voltage
  • Office space, shop space, and tracks available for long term use to support  onsite testing
  • Provided services to support long term rail vehicle storage including rolling stock maintenance support and car movement services
  • Support staff to aid in rolling stock maintenance and testing
  • New locomotive, freight car, and passenger car testing (homologation)
  • Accelerated service testing of rolling stock and track components
  • Impact testing of railway vehicles including tank cars and passenger cars