Transportation Technology Center

Transportation Technology Center

ENSCO proudly supports the Federal Railroad Administration’s (FRA) Transportation Technology Center (TTC) as the prime contractor conducting research, engineering, testing, and training while also operating and maintaining this vital US Department of Transportation facility.

ENSCO looks forward to working with and supporting all government, commercial, and educational entities interested in conducting work at TTC in support of rail and surface transportation innovation. ENSCO is equally excited about supporting the local Pueblo, Colorado, economy by partnering with local leadership, universities, and businesses, attracting researchers and visitors to the site and recruiting top technical talent to the area.

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Unique Facility Features

Encompassing an expansive 52 square miles, our facility stands out with its diverse features:

  • Over 50 miles of railroad test track meticulously arranged in various configurations for comprehensive vehicle-track interaction testing.
  • Maximum test speeds up to 165 MPH (265 KPH).
  • Options for both overhead and third rail electrification, offering flexibility in testing scenarios.
  • Approximately 9 miles of paved roads and extensive network of 50+ miles of gravel roads for versatile testing environments.
  • A dedicated Crash Test Wall for rigorous safety evaluations.
  • A cutting-edge Test Tunnel, designed for railway testing within a tunnel environment.
  • Varied Test Fixtures to accommodate a spectrum of research and experimentation needs.
  • State-of-the-art Indoor and Outdoor Surface Transportation Training Facilities, ensuring a comprehensive training environment.